Video scenario

1. Silent movie themed old-fashioned black background with white letters appears. Text: „BEFORE“ – 3 hours to complete the tasks (maybe a slide like “Due to in 3 hours” or showing the due to time and then what is the time for Laura).
2. Laura is sitting happily behind the computer and starts typing a document in her computer, titled „Homework“, then starts thinking…
3. Text: „I wonder how my coursemates have done this assignment?“
4. She starts looking for blog addresses, or Facebook or Twitter and turns serious.
5. Text: „This is going to take ages!“ „Let’s see if the course description says anything about this homework“
6. She starts looking for the course description in TLU page and IMKE page, and starts to feel bothered that she can not find it.
7. Text: „Are the course descriptions top secret information around here?!“ „Maybe other students from previous years have done something like it?“
8. Types in Google keywords IMKE, project, homework – results nothing relevant, Laura is irritated.
9. Text: „Why couldn’t I get all this information from just one place?“
10. The computer screen goes blank, leaving only the time ticking down.

11. “MEANWHILE” – then the blue IMKE monster appears on the screen and blinking its eye. The colors are turned a bit on and a clip of another student inserting the feeds to the site, click-by-click, is shown and a section of where all the web addresses (blogs, wikis, twitter) are collected together as fresh info.

12. “AFTER” – Laura is once again sitting behind the desk having the paper with her “Homework” in front of her. The same questions come up only this time it is showing click-by-click how the student can go to IMKE-monster web. First she views all recent info gathered from different blogs, twitter accounts etc. Also, she sees all the information her course mates have posted about the homework
13. Text: „Great, all the posts and recent discussions of my course mates“
14. Zoom in „About the courses“ and once again showing click-by-click how to reach the Courses menu and find the course she is looking for.
15. Text: „Course information… description… even evaluations by other students, cool!“ „I wonder what kind of projects previous students have done for this homework?“
16. She clicks on the Projects button which opens the bookshelves, she looks facsinated and looks around the projects page
17. Text: „This is everything done by IMKE students? Amazing!“
18. She goes back to her homework and starts typing, meanwhile looking at the IMKE monster page, the camera zooms slowly out showing how much time she has saved.
19. The IMKE monster appears for a couple of seconds saying “Feed me” and blinking his eye.
20.The End

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