User stories

First object of the second workshop lecture was to produce a set of brief user stories for specific actions and functionalities that our IMKE community page will have. Our team started gathering these brief stories by looking at the targets set by our personas and scenarios. As one can see, some of the goals were overlapping.

passive following ( > reading posts)
contacting fellow students ( > viewing original blogs)

informal information (> reading posts)
recommendations on upcoming courses (> reading comments)
previous achievements (> browsing through projects)

personal interests; what is said about courses (> reading comments)

participating in conversation (> writing comments)
adding projects
linking blog content to IMKE page
(> 1. adding feed URL 2. tagging posts with a) IMKE b) course number or other tag)

User stories

As a result we came up with following diagram describing user stories in different views.

Our page will have 3 main views

  • main (feed page)
  • projects
  • courses

    At the moment Other views -section presented in the diagram concerns About page. Some of the elements such as logo will be shown in all views.

    Diagram misses action “Logging out” which will happen by clicking on “Log out” -link. The link will appear next to About-link in upper right corner when user is signed in.

    Few haunting questions

    • When adding feed, should the user add own hash tags/labels as well?
      Automatic tag fetching (IMKE, IFIxxxx).
    • Do we need search? No. Done by filtering.
    • Do we need a log in -link?
      Not really but we can have a small one in the upper right corner.

    The birth of IMKE Monster

    While writing our users stories we sidetracked and started to talk about adding RSS feeds as action of feeding. Going further away from the task we started to discuss Tamagochies, cookies and monsters. As a result we came up with initial idea of IMKE monster who will be fed with our blog content and tweets. The story will continue…

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