Paper prototypes

Our group is building an informal mash-up page for IMKE -program. So far we have conduct following steps:

  1. Goals, main concept
  2. Personas, Scenarios
  3. Detailed description
  4. Activity report, feedback
  5. User stories (and giving birth to IMKE Monster)

Page views

The next step was to construct a set of paper prototypes – basic wireframe layouts constructed with different static and movable elements drawn on piece of papers.

Sometimes this sort of page design planning is done on a software or a web application but as we found out old-school drawing was faster and far more fun. During the process we also came up with a name for the site as well as dozens of cute little actions and additional functions which would add personality and interaction to the site.

Our paper prototypes look like this:

Testing and feedback

We tested usability of paper wireframes by asking four testers to complete simple tasks – among others to find out how to add a feed to the stream, how to view a certain project and how to see comments for a course.

The test process resembled playing with paper dolls. Test user pointed at things and another person – i.e. paper computer – committed actions by moving pieces around.

Most of the feedback is already taken into account and will be kept in mind when designing interface and content. Feedback questions and suggestions concerned for instans:

  • blog URL – blog address or exact feed address
  • content of login/registration box; form
  • lacking of login link; perhaps next to about link in upper right corner
  • identification of user writing comments
  • verification of users adding projects
  • place for title on the shelf or on top of a project thumbnail
  • tagging: automatic fetch or additional tags
  • relationship status of IMKE monster: single or complicated

Regardless the longish list, most of the IMKE test users found 3-view page rather simple. Our team is especially happy to know that the concept of feeding the IMKE monster with blog posts, tweets and other content was clear and welcomed. Or as our future notification box might say: “IMKE monster approves. Yes.”

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