Design inspirations: mash-ups in higher education

Our upcoming IMKE page will soon be asking for an interface. The great way to start is look what has been done before.

Struggling for a while with a proper  keyword, I found a term “smash-up”. A smash-up is basically the same thing than a mash-up – a page that aggregates and combines different data streams, sources and applications – but with a social twist. This post has few curious examples, one of them from College of William & Mary:

I also found that there is a great trend to build official and unofficial university mash-up sites like ours in US. Sometimes community sites have a great amount of visual and textual content like in UBMC, in other cases it might only be a small site which mainly concentrating on tweets, like in the case of NC State.

In many cases pages used rather simple solutions, couple of them listed below:

Probably there are also pages done with tools such as Most of the examples are from US. There might be good pages in Europe as well but they are either hidden or I do not know where to look.

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