Activity report and feedback

Last night we had a FlashMeeting session with our Media Project teacher and other students. The main outcome was that we should really start working on the project’s UI and content. The page also still needs a name. Done so far:

  • a detailed project plan
  • some initial engine related coding
    – blog feed reader
    – importing data to the database
  • for Interaction & Interface design
    – personas
    – scenarios
    – video script ideas

Feedback compilation on scenarios

IMKE personas in a group photo

Martin, inactive student

  • “Works well as a problem scenario”
  • Q: Do you have a space where it is possible to upload and share files?
    Things are uploaded elsewhere – blogs, Google docs, SlideShare, Youtube, Flicr…

  • Q: Will all the teachers also have accounts in IMKE community site?
    They can create one.
  • Q: Why Facebook feeds?
    To 1) aggregate all IMKE related stuff 2) marketing purposes: to show that our community is actually active and “web 2.0”.

Ralph, power user

  • “Duplicating the problem that was already explained with Martin”
  • “I could imagine that active Facebook users don’t want Facebook group content duplicated in IMKE community site feed.”
  • Q: Will there be also other content filtering options than by course?
    For power users we might need an option to hide some of the incoming feeds, FB group for instance.

Robert, potential student

  • “Courses are always listed in the curriculum”
  • Q: What kind of information is only visible to the members?
    Initial idea was that the information that is public already should be open on IMKE page as well, sort of like here – but with some spicing and visual aspect.
  • Q: Photos from some events and Facebook group discussions are probably private? Comments about courses may be also very critical in some cases. Will these be public?
    Photos, comments: IMKE group has over 30 members and while being informal, it is still self-censored by common sense.
    We have to think about the identification for commenting too, maybe linking them to blog accounts, Facebook or e-mails.

Laura, active student

  • Q: Will there be a way to browse blog posts by tags? These will be probably presented as a tag cloud? It would be more realistic to rely on categories.
    We might need both – tags and categories as well as instruction how to make one’s blog/post visible on the page.
  • “I think that it would be important feature to have a shared calendar in the community site.”
    Great idea. How can be done; filtering?
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