Ralph – Secondary Persona – Power User

Ralph, 29
B.S. Computer Science
Freelancer Software Developer and Consultant


Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in London and is working as a freelancer, developing new media applications for small to medium internet companies. He is active in various specialized online communities, such as Stack Overflow and Reddit. He keeps his own professional blog.

He decided to expand his professional perspective by enrolling in IMKE Masters studies in Tallinn University due to spending time with work projects in Tallinn. Since he has problems attending all class lectures, he prefers online courses and ability to get a lot of information online.


  • Detailed information online – “I want to get all the relevant information online for all the courses I take, as quickly possible.”
  • Filtering content – “I want to have good control over the information I read, with the ability to remove content I feel is irrelevant to my studies.”
  • Sharing and networking– “I like to take part in IMKE team projects and share my project achievements with as many fellow students as possible.”
  • Information about previous projects – “I want to know about previous projects done within IMKE studies for either new ideas or inspiration, as well as to get a better idea about what is expected from my efforts.”

About Kristo Vaher

I am natural born Aries, I went through military service and obtained a degree in the University of Tallinn, in Estonia. I am working as a developer in the fields of internet media, creating applications like the one you are using right now.
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