Scenario: Martin learns about IMKE community page the hard way

Martin had just got home from a tiring workday and was planning to start doing his university homework. As he is a working person and has a family he just wanted to get the homework done and over with.

The first thing he had to do was to prepare a presentation about a locative application for Locative Technologies class. As the deadline was just a few hours away he assumed that some of the fellow students have already finished their presentations and he wanted to see, what they have done in order not to duplicate their work. He started to browse the blogs of other students but it took a lot of time to find the addresses of the blogs and to open them one by one. He got tired of it and the time was running out so he just picked an application and finished his presentation.

Then he realized that he also had the Project Management course tomorrow, but since he had missed the last lecture he had no idea if there was any homework left. He began to search for students who had attended the lecture. As this lecture was not in IMKE program the participants were also different from the students he already knew. And as he could not find the people he was working with and could not contact the lecturer he decided to just see what happens.

The next day he found out that two other students had presented the same locative application in Locative Technologies course because they could not find out what the others were doing. In addition there was a test in Project Management class which he did not know about. So he was irritated that the information he needed had not been available.

As he complained about it to some fellow students, they introduced him with a new web site, which was designed for IMKE students who are sharing their blog posts and best works related to IMKE studies. Martin saw that in this environment he could have seen all the Locative Technologies related blog posts as well as the presentations. This would have prevented him of duplicating the work of two other students. In addition he could see the blog posts about Project Management including a Facebook discussion about the upcoming test. If he had known about this site before, then he would have done better in the test.

Martin is now using the web site each time he needs to keep up with the courses he’s taking. He feels much more involved in the university life while he visits this page and follows the peer blogs.

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3 Responses to Scenario: Martin learns about IMKE community page the hard way

  1. This scenario works well as a problem scenario. I can imagine that passive students might end up in this kind of problems. IMKE community website could be helpful for him.

    Some questions/comments:

    1) You wrote that there were both blog posts and presentations from the locative tech course. Do I understand correctly that presentations are there in addition to blog posts? Do you have a space where it is possible to upload and share files? Or are these presentations just linked from the SlideShare? Who will upload the presentations? The teachers? Will all the teachers also have accounts in IMKE community site?

    2) It seems to me a little bit unrealistic that he will find out about IMKE Facebook group discussion in IMKE community site. For me it seems, that the students are using Facebook much more often than some university system (even if it is their study group site).

  2. Valeria says:

    1) Presentations are usually attached or embedded into blog post. Sometimes people do not upload their presentation anywhere. Using SlideShare might be a good solution.

    2) Facebook group feeds will be there for two reasons: 1) the main object of the page is to collect all open IMKE conversations 2) marketing: to show the level of our informal activity in social networks. In other words this will mediate the idea that our program is actually “web 2.0”.

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