Scenario: Laura benefits from the IMKE community page


Laura likes to spend time online and post regularly on her blog. She enjoys sharing interesting information with others and follow her fellow students: she wishes that there would be a better way to reach her community more efficiently. She is interested to find more of informal information.


It’s eleven o’clock in the night. Laura makes a sandwich and opens her computer. She is attending three intensive workshops, taking few online courses and participating in several study projects. Before diving into another task she would like to see what her fellow students are up to.

She opens a new IMKE community page which aggregates RSS feeds from IMKE student’s blogs. Laura browsers though topics but does not study them closely unless they sound interesting. She stops to read a new essay posts with hash tag #FilmSemiotics. She quickly reads though the post and realizes that her project is missing a list of references at the end.

Suddenly Laura remembers that there might be a deadline for one of the weekly task on online course. She clicks on the link to the course environment and finds out that the deadline is within one hour. She shares her panic on Skype but someone points out that few task have already been done and she can look into ready solutions there.

Her attention is soon caught by an update on the page: Flick picture stream from resent Spring Semester party. Mostly people with towel faces. She copies the image source and shares it Facebook group page, posting also a comment with a request for another party.

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4 Responses to Scenario: Laura benefits from the IMKE community page

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  2. As a scenario this is very good. The background is explained very shortly and main focus is on using the system.

    I understand from the scenario that there will be a way to browse blog posts by tags? These will be probably presented as a tag cloud? In real life I am a little bit skeptical about this. People often do not add tags to the blog posts. It would be more realistic to rely on categories — IMKE students create a separate category for each course that they take. However, this approach has also problems — students use different names for the categories (course code, course name, etc…).

    You write that Laura has to go to some course environment to see a deadline. I think that it would be important feature to have a shared calendar in the community site. IMKE students could enter important deadlines there.

    Having a Flickr picture stream is nice.

  3. Valeria says:

    True – using tags might become messy. It’s a challenge because people have different intepretation of a same subject. A new web project can be for instants tagged with #web, #project, #service, #startup, #course etc.

    On the other hand, many students have implemented a habit to use only course ID as a hash tags. For example Generative content creation is linked to #IFI7111, Ethics & Laws in New Media #IFI7137 ( and so on. Top level #IMKE is used frequently among most of the student’s post.

    I think we should put small instruction on the page. Something like this: “If you want to connect your post or tweet to this page, use #IMKE. For more detailed tagging, please use a course number”.

    The calendar idea is great! We only need to figure out how to filter it appropriately – if there is 30 ongoing course, it might look messy but with different views it might be a wonderful tool. Perhaps we could link it to existing Google IMKE calendar (was impossible this semester for some reason). Or maybe we can add a personalized calendar with filtering; sorting by course, day-to-week-to-month -view, “deadlines today”…

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