Robert – supplementary persona (potential student)

Robert, 24

Bachelor in mathematics, looking for suitable master’s program. Works as a teacher in an elementary school.

Robert is a fun Swedish youngster, who is looking for some changes in his life. He has been thinking of starting studying again but haven’t find any suitable program yet. Robert also has a desire to experience something new like living abroad. That is why he’s considering of ERASMUS Mundus.

During his bachelor program he took free electives from IT field which is also his hobby.  Like many of us, he is actively using popular social media environments as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. He has few innovative thoughts and is curious to study more in the field of interactivity and digital media.


Informal, reliable information “The IMKE curriculum sounds quite general. I would like to know more about actual course and study activities – what people are doing in the program. I’m also interested in the descriptions and content of the courses.”

Recommendations “I’d like to read recommendations from older students about which courses were more interesting than others; which they suggest and which will be more of a question mark.”

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One Response to Robert – supplementary persona (potential student)

  1. I think that these goals are still quite similar with Laura’s fifth goal. I understand that it is important to see foreign students as one target group, but maybe the goals should be more related to his role. Something like “finding experiences from exchange students”…

    All other personas are fine .

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