Martin – Secondary persona (inactive student)

Martin, 28

Martin is a manager of his own small web design company. He is married and has two children, aged 1 and 3. He graduated from his Bachelor’s degree 5 years ago. He studied business.

Martin started his company a few years ago and it’s just starting to bring in more money and more investment. At the same time he has to find time for his family and has to plan its time ahead a lot.

He wants his studies to support his job. He likes to keep himself updated with new media, technologies and innovations. Random gibberish would drive him away from the web site.


Passive following “I would like to follow the activities of other students passively, because I can not attend all the courses in person”

Contacting fellow students “If I miss any courses, I would like to know who else attends these courses so I could contact them and ask what happened in the last lecture.”

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