Laura – Primary persona (active student)

Laura, 25

Bachelor’s degree, taking the master degree in IMKE. Works full-time in communication field.


Laura has obtained her bachelor degree in communications in Tallinn University. She is interested in web communities and digital media. She frequently uses different social media environments such as Facebook and Twitter. She also enjoys reading news online and keeps her own blog.

Because of her full time job, Laura is quite busy. She would like to find study related information as well as updates from her fellow students quickly, preferably from one place. Laura would also like to go in depth in the topics that are interesting for her.


Info in one place “Study related information created by students is scattered. I feel that I am missing interesting posts by my colleagues.¬† Would be nice to find everything in one place.”

Sharing “I am an active blogger. I also like to share interesting content online. I would like my content to reach my community more easily.”

Previous achievements “I would love to see what has been done before in my program.”

Intersting and fun events “Due to my busy lifestyle I feel I am missing out on extracurricular activities, such as upcoming events and venues. The information is shared in many different places which I also either forget to visit daily or do not know about.”

Informal course information “I would like to get student friendly information on the content of upcoming lectures, perhaps as well some recommendations on free electives and interesting lectures. It might be also useful to a link summary to blogs and environments of the ongoing course.”

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