Finding suitable program, Robert

It has been one year now that Robert has been working in an elementary school as a math teacher. He loves the world of numbers, but is now realizing that teaching is really not for him. He dreams of taking off time for himself in a totally new environment. Therefor, he is exploring websites of different universities to find an interesting master’s program via ERASMUS.

He starts his browsing among universities in Norway and Finland as he does not want to move that far from home. All the websites give him general information of different courses and additional links of more forums based discussion related to different courses. He gets a lot of information and clearer view of the programs which help him to realize his searching is not finished.

After long search, he reaches the webpage of Tallinn University. He looks through the pages of different institutions and their programs in hope to find “The One”. From the very first moment his interest is caught by a program in institute of informatics with intrigue name – Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments. The title is promising, but unfortunately the curriculum is quite general and formal, giving no idea of the actual activities. Robert start to surf around the net to find more information. He also wishes to find a list of supplementary courses with some recommendations. What he really misses, is contacts of current and previous students to get their opinion/suggestions. He is really stuck an in between wether to choose one program in Norway or to trust his guts and come to Estonia.

Luckily he found a contact for the program, the study assistant suggest him to visit IMKE community page which gathers different materials produced by fellow students into one place. The page contains a lot of different information about blogposts, done projects, upcoming events, pictures from previous activities and also links concerned other relevant information. Robert spend nearly half of the day surfing around the page and is thankful in his mind that some students have actually done helpful environment for possible new comer.

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3 Responses to Finding suitable program, Robert

  1. This scenario made me think about access rights. What kind of information in IMKE community website is public and what kind of information is only visible to the members? Photos from some events and Facebook group discussions are probably private? Comments about courses may be also very critical in some cases. Will these be public?

    Otherwise this is a realistic scenario (one small comment: courses are always listed in the curriculum).

  2. Valeria says:

    Thank you for the constructive comments!

    My initial idea was that the information that is public already should be open on IMKE page as well, sort of like here: – but with some spicing and visual aspect.

    What comes to photos, videos and Facebook group feed, I would keep this public too. IMKE group has over 30 members and while being informal, is still self-censored by common sense. It is quite unlikely that someone would share images or other content that is out of place and not intended for the uni community. But of course this point should to be taken into account.

    We have to think about the identification for commenting too, maybe linking them to blog accounts, Facebook or e-mails.

    Courses are listed in curriculum but sometimes PDF-descriptions lack practical information about their environment, content or schedule. This information is currently found for instants through Skype conversation:
    – “Does anybody know when this online thing starts?”
    – “I think it’s http://…”

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