Scenario: Ralph gets in trouble and is helped by IMKE community page

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport
A rainy weekend in September

Ralph, who only recently started his studies in IMKE, is returning to Tallinn after spending two weeks abroad, where he worked on a special project which occupied his time and impacted his studies, making him miss couple of lectures.

He attempts to find information online about the lectures he missed, but has trouble contacting course administrators and fellow students. Since he also missed a lecture of a new course that began during those two weeks and involves group work, he does not even know the fellow students who are taking the course and if he has a group.

He calls a fellow struggling student, Martin, who is not taking the same course and asks for his advice. He is being recommended to go to a great new web based IMKE community page that promises to get him up to speed and solve his problems, without requiring Ralph to browse through dozens of different websites.

He uses his laptop in airport to go to the website and to his amazement, he sees a lot of studies related information, both about his courses and that of other IMKE courses. Overwhelmed by the information, he instantly looks for a way to filter out the content based on his needs to get information on the courses he missed.

Using the environment he is happy to immediately get not only the relevant information on what he has missed, but also about what the other students have accomplished in that time and what group project would be most suitable for him to participate in.

He creates a user in the environment and customizes his personal feed according to the courses he takes, so that he will be up to speed in the future should he be abroad again. He decides to subscribe to the feed from his cellphone, which he uses daily.

He attends next weeks course, feeling confident that he is up to speed and can be beneficial to his team with his effort, despite missing the lectures for two weeks. He will use the environment throughout his studies for two years.


About Kristo Vaher

I am natural born Aries, I went through military service and obtained a degree in the University of Tallinn, in Estonia. I am working as a developer in the fields of internet media, creating applications like the one you are using right now.
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3 Responses to Scenario: Ralph gets in trouble and is helped by IMKE community page

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  2. The first three paragraphs are duplicating the problem that was already explained in the previous scenario with Martin.

    I can easily imagine myself to the role of Ralph. I’m also using filtering in systems that have a vast amount of new content. This scenario mentions filtering content by course. Will there be also other filtering options? I could imagine that active Facebook users don’t want Facebook group content duplicated in IMKE community site feed. There are probably other examples where filtering by content type makes sense…

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